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Bally Flex Tester

Bally Flex Tester


Standard   :

Model No. : PIT-

Bally Flex Tester (Digital) is an ergonomically designed Equipment with sturdy mechanism to get Accurate & Reliable Results. Test specimens are held between a pair of stationary and oscillating grips. Motion to the oscillating grips is given through a link mechanism, which oscillates the shaft on which the grips are mounted. All the pivot points of the mechanism have ball bearings to ensure smooth operation and a long working life. The link mechanism gives motion from an electric motor and two sets of V-pulleys. A four-digit electronic counter with key-reset and backup memory is provided to record the total number of flexing cycles undergone by the test specimens. The apparatus is finished in bright chrome / zinc plating and Shore Blue Metallic painting to give it a corrosion resistant finish.


The ability of materials like shoe uppers leathers, gloves, furniture leather, car interior decorative leathers and garments, to withstand repeated flexing without cracking is determined with the help of a flexing resistance test. In this test, rectangular specimens are folded and clamped at each end to maintain them in a folded position in a set of grips, one of which is fixed while the other is able to oscillate. The movement of the oscillating grip causes the fold in the test specimen to run along its centre. This operation is carried out repeatedly and the test specimens inspected periodically to assess the damage produced. The equipment used for this test is Bally Flex Tester (Digital).


  • To determine the Flexing Endurance of Light Leathers or Resistance of any material to cracking at flexing creases. Also informs the tendency of Cracks being formed in the creases caused by walking
  • Useful for ALL Flexing material like Leather, Coated Fabrics, Textiles used in footwear Uppers.
  • Sturdy & Ergonomic Equipment for Accurate & Reliable Results.
  • 12 Samples can be tested at a time
  • Precision Engineered components for continuous operations
  • Adheres to National & International Standards.

Technical Specification

Flexing Angle :22.5° ± 0.5°
Flexing speed : 100 ± 5 cycles/Flexes per minute 
Dimensions of test specimens 70 x 45 mm
Maximum number of test specimen That can be tested at one time 12
Counter Programmable 6 digits DIGITAL Counter
Display : LCD display
Motor ¼ HP single-phase 220 volts 20Amp
Overall Dimensions LENGTH x DEPTH x HEIGHT
1100mm x 715mm x 390mm
43.3 x 28” x 15.3″     
Net Weight of the Instrument 72 kg (158 lb.)

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