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Digital Point Load Test Apparatus


Standard   :

Model No. : PIT-PL-010

Point Load Test is primarily an index test for strength classification of rock material. The apparatus meets the essential requirements of IS :8764. The lightweight and compact design (tubular frame) makes it highly portable. Though intended for field measurements, it can also be used for laboratory testing.


  • Equipment is light and portable
  • Rock core specimens can be tested without any preparation
  • The instrument can be used in the laboratory as well as at the drilling site
  • The results of the test may also be used to predict the uniaxial compressive strength of rock.
  • With this instrument, a wide range of core size can be tested
  • The frame has adequate adjustments to align perfectly the loading axis passing through the centre of the bearing plates and loading platens at the position of the ram of the hydraulic jack

The equipment comprised the followings:
PTK-R11001 : Loading Frame, fitted with Hydraulic Jack, hand operated, capacity 100 KN (10,000 kgf)
PTK-R11002 : Digital Peak Load Indicator, 25KN (2,500 kgf) to read upto 0.25KN (25kgf)
PTK-R11003 : Digital Peak Load Indicator, 100KN (10,000 kgf) to read upto 0.50KN (50kgf)
PTK-R11004 : Conical Loading Platens
PTK-R11005 : Diaphragm Bolt

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