About Us

About Us

Primetek started as a local supplier of material testing instruments but the urge to make the instruments better and efficient made company to take a quantum leap and set a foot in manufacturing industry. we have been innovating since then trying to make the process easier and result accurate. we mainly focus on the process easier and result accurate. we mainly focus on the reliability and results and which drives us to innovative new mechanism and design. we are trying to build the compact machine to reduce the wastage of space. with the intention to empower small test labs and testing house we have introduced economical series with same efficiency as premium product.

we strongly believe in supply chain management and give full authority to selected integrator to distribute our brands in their respective region we do make some exception for our premium clients and directly provide service to them because of the relation we share of trust. we do not approach end users instead to assign integrators from the region they belong to so that they can avail the best possible service in short amount of time.   

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our efforts are concentrated to comply with the current needs and to anticipate the futures.

Coustomer Relationship


our target is to start relationship with the clients to identify their needs; our effort is to satisfy these needs.


Market Analysis

we are careful to the market trends to update and improve our projects; we devote energy on changing.

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