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Digital Crockmeter

Digital Crockmeter


Standard   :

Model No. : PIT-

Digital Crockmeter has a Wide viewing area to check the fabric thoroughly. It has Dual Light Sources : TOP Illumination to check the Dyeing and Printing Defects and Bottom Illumination to check the Weaving Defects.

Technical Detail

Digital Crockmeter is an instrument used to determine color fastness to wet and dry rubbing. It tests textiles, carpets, laminates, and printing inks, the staining of the crocking cloths is assessed with an ISO / AATCC Grey Scale.Crockmeter is an advanced Microprocessor based version of Rubbing Fastness tester which is operated automatically by a motor as per standard requirements. It has an aerodynamic design with customer friendly features. It consists of the Main Unit having an Oscillating Arm with a Finger, which Rubs over the Test Specimen under a specified Load over the Test Specimen. The rubbing finger is cylindrical in shape and has a flat base, which is covered with a piece of standard white Crocking cloth which picks up the color lost by the test specimen. The Crocking cloth is held over the finger with the help of a Stainless-Steel Spring Clip. Motion to the finger is given by the Oscillating arm, which runs on bearing free Teflon rollers to minimize friction and to give uniform load on the finger. The Oscillating arm is moved with the help of a Geared motor with instant braking


  • Rubbing Fastness Tester i9 ( Motorized ) is a next  generation Rubbing Fastness Tester  for all type of textile (fabrics ,Garments, home textile etc.
  • The central panel is microprocessor based programmable unit .
  • The rubbing finger is easy to load with crocking cloth by using a spring clip.
  • Dual sample holder for specimen and garment Testing.
  • The weight to produce a load of 9N is removable and alternative weights(22N) can also  be used for furnished fabrics.
  • Steel & acrylic Sample Holder for rapid sample mounting.
  • Microprocessor-based counter to show the number of rubbing cycle
  • Precision engineered components for smooth operation
  • Adherence to national & international Standard.
  • Supplied complete with Calibration Certificate (Traceable to NPL)

Technical Specification

Diameter of the finger 16 mm±0.2 mm
Force on the Finger 9 Newtons.
Size of Crocking Cloth 5 x 5 cm
Dia. Of the finger (For all fabric and textile) 16 mm
Dia. Of the finger (For Furnishing Fabrics) 25 mm
Force on the Finger (For Furnishing Fabrics) 22 Newtons
Size of crocking Cloth (For Furnishing Fabrics) 7 x 7 cm
Length of the Traverse of the finger 104 ± 3 mm
Microprocessor-based counter        0 – 999, (Least Count: 1)
Overall Dimension of the Unit LENGTH x DEPTH x HEIGHT                                              725mm x 305mm x 305 mm

28.5” x 12” x 12”

Net Weight of the Unit   28 Kg. (71.7 lbs.)

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